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Dungeon equipment for the connoisseur
Below you can find a selection of the Dungeon furniture that we can produce. If there is something you would like that you cannot find, please get in touch with your ideas and we will be pleased to make whatever it is, at our superb prices! Remember..all items are made to order, to your measurements and specifications, so everything you order will fit just how you would like.
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st andrews cross
The St. Andrew's Cross, is a common piece of equipment in BDSM dungeons. It typically provides restraining points for ankles, wrists, and waist. When secured to the St Andrew's Cross, the subject is restrained in a standing spreadeagle position.
St Andrew's Cross

suspension frame
Suspension frames are used to restrain subjects in chains/ropes or cuffs. The subject is attached and suspended in mid air at multiple points on the frame and then punished as seen fit. Our frames are ultra-strong and ultra-safe.
Steel Suspension Frame

The Wheel of Torture has it's origins in the middle ages where it was a tool used for execution. Initially taking the form of a simple wagon wheel the condemned were strapped to the wheel and beaten with a Club or Iron Cudgel until death. The modern version for BDSM purposes uses a revolving wheel to which the subject is secured, The Wheel can be turned through 360° allowing easy access to all body parts.
Wheel of Torture

metal cage
Cages come in different sizes depending on the use and effect required. Puppy cages are generally small cages that confine and give little room for movement so subjects are forced to kneel or curl. Upright cages are to force the subject to stand and Gibbet cages are body shaped to restrict movement to an absolute minimum.
Metal Puppy Cage

wooden cage
Cages can also be made in different materials this cage has a wooden frame with steel bars and a padded roof to double up as a bench.
Wooden Frame Cage

Thrones come in all shapes and sizes and this is where our design to order service really works. The throne pictured is a simple Metal frame throne. Throughout history thrones have been used to signify importance and each persons design may reflect their own personality and desires.
Iron/Steel Throne

whipping bench
Along with the St Andrews Cross, Whipping Benches are the most common form of BDSM furniture. They can take on many guises from a simple bend over frame to an elaborate version containing all sorts of restraints. Our bench to the left includes feet stocks to prevent escape.
Foot Stock Whipping Bench

Gynaecological chair. Used to tie down your slave in an open position for easy access to the Slaves tender regions . Fully adjustable back and leg supports.
Gynaecological Chair      

Stocks are devices used since medieval times for torture and public humiliation. Since the purpose was to punish offenders who had allowed thier moral standards to drop anybody could assault, insult or hurl all sorts of rotting filth at the victim. We can produce Stocks of all shapes and sizes made out of the materials of your choice.

adjustable seat An adjustable seat for the master to sit and subject the slave to a Golden Shower or Brown shower Scat style.
Queening Stool      

small whipping bench

Another Whipping Bench, this time our bench to the left is of a simple design where the subject bends over the padded bench which allows a modicum of comfort before the whipping begins.

Small Whipping Bench      

Please browse through the website and do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. Remember you are in control!
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